Past and present

In this page i’m going to endeavour to take you on a journey through every bike i’ve ever owned, from day dot. I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks

Trek Antelope 820 1990

Bought new for my birthday, stolen outside a sweet shop not long after its purchase


Marin, Bolinas Ridge, 1992

Heavily modified, replacement for the stolen trek: I had Shimano Deore thumb shifters on it (a must have at the time), and massive bar ends. Here I am in the back garden, sporting a Releigh cycle vest.


1998 Orange  X2

At the time I really didn’t have a clue how good this bike was – it was top of the range. I bought it second hand in Tunbridge Wells and then rode it round London as a commuter bike. I ended up selling it to my girlfriend’s brother in law (who was incidentally a proper toe rag) for about 100 quid. Mine was actually white.

1998 Orange X2 Pro in MBR July 98


2004 (ish) Specialized M4 Stumpjumper

Now, here’s a story. My sister had a cycling mad boyfriend who went away for three months and fortuitously left his shiny red M4 in my sister’s garage. Complete with shoes for the spuds. It was beautiful.

My sister, who was less than fond of this chap at the time was quite happy to let me ride it for the period the chap was away, little to his knowledge. I stuck that thing into everything and it came out the other side unscathed. Which was fortunate because when he came back and receipted his bike he was non the wiser.



Genesis IO 2007/08 Single speed

GT Avalanche 2009

GT Sensor 2010


Santa Cruz Superlight 29

Yeti SB95