The signature of a mountain biker

Years ago, when I was a boy, my mum used to get very annoyed with me when I came home with holes in my trousers. So much so that I used to attempt to wear shorts for as long as possible after the summer had ended. I usually manged until about Christmas, then it would simply be too cold.

Those holes were the hall mark of growing up as a proper 1980’s boy: I used to play football or rugby at lunch, scramble through the bushes and woods on the way home and my poor grey school trousers got a hammering.

Now thirty years later I have a whole new problem with my legs. The hall mark of a proper mountain biker has to be shins that look like they’ve been run through a cheese grater.

It seems like I can never go more than a couple of bike rides without smashing something into my legs. At night I ooze blood and my girlfriend’s sheets to her dismay mop up most of it!

oh dear… stones don’t care about gender, race or creed

It just goes with the territory and to me your not a proper mountain biker without cuts all over your legs.

Many manufacturers have tried to come out with shin guards, but lets face it whilst knee guards look somewhat cool, no one wants to rock shin guards. So, until someone sets the trend, my poor girlfriends sheets will just have to suffer.




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