Yeti SB6c six month review


It is a little over 6 months since my Yeti SB6c was delivered to me. It came on Christmas eve, which incidentally was my birthday.

It wasn’t a birthday present however, the bike was a flash replacement for my first Yeti, the aluminium SB95, which, i’m sorry to say had a multitude of issues.

Sure i had to pay a lot more to get a carbon frame, with the edition of wheels, shock and fork (to fit the 27.5 wheels), but I figured with a 5 year warranty what could go wrong.

I eat trails like you for breakfast

The bike

The SB6c is full carbon stead with 152mm travel on the back, 160mm on the front. It utilises Yeti’s switch infinity linkage system.

Mine is the 30th Anniversary version, apparently only 250 were made. It don’s the 80’s yellow and turq colours.

The ride

My first impression after building the yeti up was that it rides just like my old yeti, which for was good for me because SB95 was a slayer.

Within two rides I was up to speed as if i’d had the bike for years.The edition of 10mm front travel and 32mm on the back is noticeable straight away.

The Sb95 ate through its travel very quickly and to be honest there is still some degree of that on this bike, albeit the suspension can be adjusted to a harder setting without loosing too much.

What I really like about the SB6c is that it is light and you can ride on it all day up and down the mountain. However, when you really need a burly enduro bike you know you have one between your legs. My build isn’t exactly light but the bike is still way lighter than most 160mm travel machines.

All together I am just your average weekend warrior on a bike that gets ridden in the Enduro World Series: it’s the best thing I’ve ever ridden and it’s more bike that I will ever be able to handle.

It’s a super bike that I was lucky enough to lay my hands on and i’m going to enjoy every second of it. Sometimes I find myself just staring at it in admiration.

The Kit

  • Frame: 2015, 30 year Anniversary, SB6c
  • Shock: Fox X (high volume)
  • Fork: Fox Fit 4, 36
  • Wheels: DT Swiss 471 rims, 25mm inner width, 240 hubs, Maxis High Roller II tyres, tubeless
  • Drivetrain: Xt8000 crank, XT 10 speed derailleur, cassette and shifter
  • Steering: Ritchy 40mm stem (35mm), Raceface Turbine (35mm) 760mm wide bars
  • Post & saddle: Specialized IR command post, 125mm, Nukeproof saddle
  • Brakes: Shimano XT
  • Pedals: Time attack M2
What other bike can turn into a downhill monster with a pair of duel crowns?

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