Biking on the mind?

I didn’t realise I was addicted until the other day when I was relaxing at a friends batch in Waimarama. There was a bookcase full of books and I began to explore them for something exciting to read for the weekend.

You’ve got guts…

Normally, at the weekend I would be on my bike. This is not to say I didn’t want to be at the batch. Waimarama is a beautiful place and the company was great, but it cannot be ignored that when your a mountain biker and your not biking, everywhere you look your reminded of that fact!

Season of Enduro: a review

My goal at the beginning of the 2016 Wellington Enduro season was to finish in the top ten of at least one race.

Well, I managed to sneak in third place at the Makara Enduro behind a couple of good riders but in a relatively small group of starters. I’ll still take it though, it’s always nice achieving a goal you set out to reach.

Apart form that race though, how’s the season been, what have I learn’t and what’s install for next year

Round up – race results

  1. Makara Enduro: 3/7 (elite male)
  2. Escape from Mount Crawford:  11/63 (male starts)
  3. Poll Hill Enduro:  15/145 (overall)
  4. Donald Trump Freedom Enduro: 13/ 74 (Vertigo)  and 31/70 (Trickle Falls)
The Yeti takes flight at Poll Hill.

Lessons Learnt

  1. Fitness is the key to winning: I did a lot of training this year, but it still wasn’t enough. I was definitely fitter than I’ve ever been before but there are some guys out there that have the edge just because they can ride harder for longer.
  2. Crashing is key to loosing: In the race where I crashed (i.e. Poll Hill) I almost definitely missed out on a top ten finish. I was riding as hard as I could so I can’t complain. (which Segways onto my next point nicely)
  3. Seconds really do count in racing: In many races just seconds was the difference between a podium and a top twenty finish. In the DTF enduro I was 31st on trickle falls but there was only ten seconds between me and 13th place.
  4. There really are some unbelievable riders out there, young and old: I am always amazed when you get to a race and people beat you on trails that you’ve been riding loads. Sometimes you just have to admire the skill and dedication of riders and realise their ability and your own limitations.
  5. You really need to eat well and have a good night sleep before a race: A few times before a race I had a bad nights sleep or had a couple of beers etc… I really felt it in the race and it definitely affected my performance.

The Future

Next year for me it’s about three things:

  1. Structured training
  2. Track practice
  3. Having fun, and relaxing!