Donald Trump Freedom Enduro – timeless

Last Sunday 1 May 2016 I raced in the Donald Trump Freedom Enduro at Makara peak.

It was a fantastic day and the most enjoyable Enduro I’ve raced in so far this year. It was sold out in days of the tickets being available, and the level of competition was up there: some of the best riders in Wellington came out to play.

Afterwards, when we had all smashed 3 or 4 (some even 5) laps of Makara we went back to Mud Cycles: a place where beer flowed like wine and beautiful women instinctively flocked like the salmon of Capistrano.

How did I do?

I thought I performed mildly well, the Yeti SB6c certainly behaved itself, as it usually does.

Go straight twenty eight. Photography by Sydney Wainwright

However, you may have heard this week that there was issues with timing and that we never know how well we actually did.

The event, when it started  last year was not about fancy timing systems worth tons on money, it was about mates getting together and riding their favorite tracks and trying to outwit each other. Rustic as it was, that was probably the charm.

Money can’t buy you happiness

According to research US presidential elections are not won just on the money invested into them by the candidate, but also on key messaging, charisma and popular policy positions. That’s clearly a shame for Trump.

Like US presidential elections, some Enduros have vast amounts of resources poured into them. Yes it is nice to get official timing and race your mates but that’s not just what racing is all about. its about the comradery, the yarns, the beer afterwards and most of all the absolute fun of it.

The upside of a timeless event?

Whilst it is a shame that the timing didn’t work, I can now always live with the notion that I performed better than I actually did. I might have made the podium or beat one of those good riders, no one will ever prove me wrong.

In essence, the event is timeless and long may it last.

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