Dirt Merchants Enduro 2016

The second annual Dirt Merchants Enduro went off with a bang last Sunday. The weather was great, over 140 riders turned up (that’s just ridiculous), and the course unfortunately left my traction to be desired.

I was hoping for a top ten finish, top twenty at least.

Practice went well, apart from the dearth of available shuttles, 40 places for 140 riders, which meant we only got one run in.

The top stage ‘randy’s hard line’ was rutted and had two jumps on it. One which was easy, the lower was a bit harder (I saw at least one casualty – a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt who performed a cartwheel on his head, breaking his helmet into two like a coconut).

My actual race  was going perfect, as I left the starting line with shouts of ‘go fast Eddie’ I slammed it down the rut and was going to go big on the jump before I lost complete control, skidding on my shoulder and knees.

No time for press-ups Ed – photo by AvantiPlus Kapiti Coast

Still, the second leg went well and I managed 15th place overall, if I hadn’t of crashed, it would have been at least 11th.




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