First ride of many

Yesterday my daughter, who is just under 5, had her first ride on her bike without stabilisers.

I’m telling you this, not just because I am the proudest dad in the world, but so that you may reflect on where it all starts.

As you get better at riding, and your bike becomes an extension of your body, you often forget that it all started: usually with your parents, brother/sister, friend pushing you along on your bike, wiling you to take that first pedal.


I can remember the first time I rode a bike without stabilisers as clear as if it was yesterday.

I lived in Papua New Guinea and I must have been about five. My father had bought my sister an I red and white BMXs (my sister could already ride, so hers was bigger).

We were in the back garden of our house, which was on stilts. The garden, as I remember it was huge, and falling off had its own dangers with poisonous snakes and spiders lying around!

Victory, exactly….

My dad pushed me several times and shouted pedal and before long after a few tries I could go on my own.

I vividly remember that feeling of being on two wheels without stabilisers. The freedom and sense of accomplishment, I still get it today, but of course from different achievements.

So, well done Sienna and let that ride be the first of many.

Peace out

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