Sh!t, poo, Cr@p!

Sh!t, Cr@p, poo, turd. What ever you want to call it, no one likes getting dog poo on them when they’re out and about: whether that’s on a bike, or not.

So, you can imagine my dissatisfaction when, the other day, I was riding on one of the legitimate Tinakori tracks, and found myself getting face splatted with dog turd.

It was firmly stuck in my front tire. The saying stuck to you like Sh!t is not wrong, I had to look at it for the next 30 minutes. It was, almost a legitimate reason to cane it down one of the illegal tracks, just to get it off.

So what of this rant?

It is this. It is all very well complaining about illegal tracks and their issues (the brunt of which seem to be dog walkers) but I think we have a former issue here that needs to be addressed.

Some (and I say that with conviction) dog walkers do not respect their environment, so why should I respect their complaints?




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