Battle Hill DH – Royal rumble

Battle Hill is the site of one of the last fights between Maori and early colonial forces in the Wellington Region.

So it goes, the battle took place between  Ngāti Toa, and a colonial force of European troops, police, and Ngāti Awa allies over several days in early August 1846, on a forest ridge.

The colonial force did not have much luck at all and in the end retreated, by this time however the Chief of Ngāti Toa, Te Rangihaeata had fled.

With the resistance over, the colonial forces had essentially won and pushed out the last of the Ngāti Toa.

New bike alert!

Now over a hundred and sixty years later we faced a battle of our own and a battle between friends.

There is now a mtb trail up on Battle Hill and it’s long and flowy with loads of opportunities to show off your skills. six of us, with varying levels of enduro bikes managed to conjure up three laps on the marvelous dirt.

If style could be bottled and sold…

Nick had his camera out (after getting two flat tyres) and got some great snaps.

Who said that downhill racing was dead.

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