Riding + Beer with mates

At the risk of repeating myself, there is nothing quite like going for a ride with good group of guys en masse and then having a beer afterwards.

That’s exactly what I did on last Sunday. There were about ten of us and we went for a hack, up in Aro Valley, Wellington, NZ.

this one
We all talked a good game

It was stinking hot (for Wellington), I got sun burnt and probably near enough heat stroke (or at least it felt like it after two pints of Garage Project).

There were crashes (Gerard, anyone else?), flat tyres (Matt) and of course the obligatory showing off (Matt), which I might add I wasn’t prepared to do, after someone pointed out showing off might be why my last bike frame was cracked.

Beer was presented to us by our dear friends at Garage Project, at the tap room, 91 Aro.

Peace Out!

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