Escape from Mt Crawford – Miramar – 25 Jan 2016

The Miramar track project have just announced the date for their Enduro race, and I am going to be there, like a rat up a drain pipe. It’s going to be held at Mt Crawford, Miramar, Wellington. It’s the first of several races i’m going to do this year.

The race format is usually three downhill stages which start from an Old Prison, the tracks have names such as Jail brake and Solitary. There’s a few drops and a couple of doubles and a metre or so gap jump over a stream, which make the course a bit more interesting.

Anyway, it leaves me with a total of 8 weeks to prepare, not that i’m competitive at all…

My main focus is being able to clear the double jumps in one hit (as it saves time) and being able to master the winding corners of Solitary.

To master the jumps here’s the video i’m using to help me, yes it’s rather remedial but then i’m not quite at Brandon Semenuk’s level yet.

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