Just ride Goddammit!

What is your motivation for getting out on the bike?

I ride because of the enjoyment of the challenge, the adrenaline rush, the fitness but above all because of the freedom and the ability to escape from it all.

What ever your motivation, when it comes to donning your gear and getting into the saddle, there always seems to be a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t go for a ride: your tired, you don’t have time, it’s raining etc…

At the end of the day though I always come back to one thing: It doesn’t matter how long you go out for, how rubbish the weather is, if you don’t perform well, whatever. When you get our there you’ll forget about it all and enjoy the moment. All those things you love about mountain biking will come flooding back to you.

So, next time you ask yourself should I, shouldn’t I go for a ride: just ride goddammit!

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