UCI Mountain Bike World Championships – crash or win

I watched the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships last night, held in Andorra on the 7th September 2015.

Well done Loic Bruni and Rachel Atherton who were both crowned world champions!

I’m always inspired by the MTB greats thrashing it out on a wild, step and technical trail.

What struck me though, reflecting on my own mountain biking is the ‘crash or win’ mentality of these guys. As I am nursing my injuries from a nasty prang I sustained last week, i’ve reaslied that it’s OK to crash.

Whilst hitting it hard, at night, down one of my local trails, Transient, in Aro Valley, Wellington, I hit the base of a tree with my shin, my leg now looks like a rainbow.

For anyone who is getting in to mountain biking, or anyone who wants to improve, crashing is all part of the learning process.

For the top riders, if they don’t go hard they don’t win, and if they crash, well, they accept it as part of the road to greatness.

See you out there!

Aaron Gwin crashed during his race run at the UCI World Champs © Bartek Woliński

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